So what did the publishers say?

You might have expected that publishers would have been a bit embarassed about all this, but no!  English support  sent a letter to the company concerned, enclosing a whole page of examples from just the first two books in the series.  We made a proposal for professional collaboration to help ensure the English would be of reasonable standard in future editions.  We received no reply.

So we phoned and were told through a secretary that the publishers were "Not interested!"

So we wrote again, expressing our astonishment over this state of affairs.  How could the publishers not be interested in putting such appallingly bad English right?

But all our attempts at dialogue with the publishers gave no result.

Perhaps they found someone else to do the work?

Alas no!  Ten months have gone by and the books are still being advertised on the Internet with the same extracts and all the same errors...



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